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Chen Yen-Ling Professor


Date of employment: Aug. 1, 2020

Specialty: Biomedical analysis

TEL (O): (886-5) 05-2720411 ext. 66420

Email: yelichen@ccu.edu.tw  

Lab Webpage


Research Interests

Cosmetic/pharmaceutical/biomarker/genetic analysis 

Capillary electrophoresis



B. S. in School of pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 1996 - 2000

M. S. in School of pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 2003 - 2005

Ph. D. in School of pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical Univ.,2005-2008

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science

                         Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 2008-2009

Assistant Professor, Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science,

                    Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 2009-2014

Associate ProfessorDepartment of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science,

                    Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 2014-2018

Professor, Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science,

                    Kaohsiung Medical Univ., 2018-2020

Associate Professor, National Chung Cheng Univ.,2020-2022

Professor, National Chung Cheng Univ.,2022


Selected Publications 代表著作 [SCOPUS論文統計]

 1. Amit Nain, Arumugam Sangili, Shun-Ruei Hu, Chun-Hsien Chen, Yen-Ling Chen*, Huan-Tsung Chang*. Recent progress in nanomaterial functionalized membranes         for removal of pollutants. iScience, 2022, 25, 104616.

 2.  Ya-Tien Chuang, Jing-Ru Liou, Yu-Ying Chao, Yi-Hui Lin, Tsung-Yan Wu, Yen Ling Chen*. Multivariate optimization of large-volume sample stacking with polarity         switching by capillary electrophoresis for determination of gold nanoparticle size. Microchemical Journal, 2022, 178,107387.

 3.  Shun-Ruei Hu, Chang-Ruei Yang, Yu-Fen Huang, Chih-Ching Huang, Yen-Ling   Chen*, Huan-Tsung Chang*. Ratiometric fluorescence probe of vesicle-like carbon          dots  and gold clusters for quantitation of cholesterol. Chemosensors, 2022, 10(5), 160.

 4.  Tai-Ling Liu, Li-Shan Fang, Jing-Ru Liou, Jia-Shan Dai, Yen-Ling Chen* Determination of quetiapine and its metabolites in plasma by field-enhanced sample                    stacking, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 2021, 29,709-716. 

 5.  Yi-Chen Chen, Yu-Chen Chou, Jui-Han Chang, Li-Ting Chen, Chun-Jen Huang, Lai-Kwan Chau*, Yen-Ling Chen* Dual-functional gold–iron oxide core–satellite            hybrid nanoparticles for sensitivity enhancement in biosensors via nanoplasmonic and preconcentration effects, Analyst ,2021, 146, 6935-6943. 

 6.  Ying-Xuan Huang, Yu-Ying Chao, Yi-Hui Lin, Jing-Ru Liou, Hai-Chi Chan, Yen-Ling Chen* Determination of 13-cis-Retinoic Acid and Its Metabolites in Plasma by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography Using Cyclodextrin-Assisted Sweeping for Sample Preconcentration, Molecules, 2021, 26(19), 5865.

 7.  Chun-Hsien Chen, Chun-Chi Wang, Po-Yun Ko, Yen-Ling Chen*, Nanomaterial-based adsorbents and optical sensors for illicit drug analysis. Journal of Food and Drug analysis, 2020, 8(4), 655-677.

 8.  Hung-Yu Ko, Yi-Hui Lin, Chi-Jen Shih, Yen-Ling Chen*, Determination of phenylenediamines in hair colors derivatizated with 5-(4, 6-dichlorotriazinyl) aminofluorescein via micellar electrokinetic chromatography, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 2019, 27,825-831. 

 9.  Ching-Che Hsu, Yu-Ying Chao, Shih-Wei Wang, Yen-Ling Chen*, Polyethylenimine-capped silver nanoclusters as fluorescent sensors for the rapid detection of ellagic acid in cosmetics, Talanta, 2019, 204, 484-490. 

10. Chun-Hsien Chen, Yu-Ying Chao, Yi-Hui Lin, Yen-Ling Chen*, Determination of finasteride and its metabolite in urine by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with field-enhanced sample stacking and sweeping, Journal of chromatography A, 2018, 1547, 14-20. 

11. Feng-Lin Yen, Shih-Wei Wang, Hui-Ling Cheng, Kuan-Ling Chen, Yen-Ling    Chen*, Determination of Saikosaponins in Bupleuri Radix by micellar      electrokinetic chromatography with experimental design. Analytical Letters, 2018,   51 (12), 1840-1853. 

12. Kuan-Ling Chen, Shiuh-Jen Jiang, Yen-Ling Chen*, Determining lead, cadmium and mercury in cosmetics using sweeping via dynamic chelation by capillary electrophoresis. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2017, 409, 2461-2469.

13. Kai-Chen Yang, Jia-Huei Zheng, Yen-Ling Chen*, Kuen-Chan Lee*, Er-Chieh     Cho* Carboxyfullerene decorated titanium dioxide nanomaterials for reactive  oxygen species scavenging activities. RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 53025-53033.

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